Why not be the architects of our own future?

Voices for Indi bridges the gap between community and politics.

Ever find yourself shying away from political discussion or thinking it distasteful to talk politics? Most community groups strive hard to be apolitical which also lessens the opportunity to talk about politics, policy and democracy - things which can affect every aspect of our lives. Voices for Indi aims to create opportunities for conversation for not just your voice to be heard but for you to hear others.

More than just a demonstration of community development driven politics, Voices for Indi is a community leadership exercise which hopes to have a lasting impact. The organisation is a response to the need for re-energized but respectful political debate and provides a process to connect the community’s voice to our elected representatives. 

Voices for Indi is after local solutions to local challenges and wants North East Victorians to make a positive contribution to quality political debate and the national agenda. It seeks:

  • to enrich political conversations, bringing values based politics into everyday life in Indi

  • to welcome commentary from all people regardless of political allegiance to find ways for people of all ages to connect and be interested and involved in their community

  • for our region to be recognised nationally on the way its citizens engage and for their enthusiasm to embrace new ideas.

 An important acknowledgement

The Kitchen Table Conversation host kit and the V4I Report reflect closely the combined effort of Mary Crooks from the Victorian Women’s Trust and the Voices for Indi team in designing and implementing the engagement process that was rolled out across the Indi electorate during February 2013 – May 2013. We thank Mary and the Victorian Women’s Trust for their ongoing efforts to show people a way to claim a voice in their democracy.


"The relationship between the one hundred and fifty Federal MPs and by extension their communities is the foundation block of our national system of democracy - not tabloid owners or other powerful interest groups or individuals.  But for this relationship to work properly, MPs and their constituents need to engage with one another constructively and respectfully" (From a Switch in Time, Mary Crooks, 2012).   

"There can be no grand design... Every decision is - rightly- different and particular.  Democracy is the conversation amongst equals to determine what constitutes good life and the good society." J Rutherford & H Shah (2006)

"A functioning, robust democracy requires a healthy educated, participatory followership, and an educated, morally grounded leadership" (Chinua Achebe)