Big Society and British Councils

Have you heard of the term Big Society?  A little over two years ago David Cameron was elected as British Prime Minister and began a campaign to redefine the role of the state and its relationship with the private and community sectors.  Cameron has drawn on the ‘Third Way’ theory that promotes a smaller state and an expanded role for the community sector (a big society).  The theory suggests that government roll back will create a space for civil society groups to enter; that civil society movements will grow to occupy the space normally occupied by government.  Here’s an interesting article from the Economist on how British councils have responded to the Big Society challenge.

Do you like the idea of Big Society? (keep in mind that the Economist is a conservative journal)

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A call to arms

Check out Dave Meslin's call to arms.

Voice for Indi is about breaking down the barriers for political engagement.  Everybody should have access to a political voice.

Do you agree with Dave's assessment of political apathy?

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