Community Events

Community is important to all of us, so Voices for Indi has opened up the events section of this website to be a community noticeboard. If you're running an event you're welcome to promote it here.

There are a few rules:

  • Voices for Indi encourages participatory democracy and constructive conversations about politics.  V4I is not a political party and its focus is on community initiatives that support and progress the region of Indi.  In the interests of fostering meaningful relationships with all of the politicians who represent Indi, V4I is able to advise its supporters of political party events if they have a strong element of community consultation and engagement, are not simply promoting political party policy and are in line with the V4I values.
  • Please only post events occurring within the Indi electorate.
  • Please be polite. In fact, one if the great things about V4I is that since the beginning everyone's stuck to their values. The V4I mantra during the 2013 campaign was 'Be Your Best Self' - keep it happening!
  • The committee reserves the right to remove any events or comments it deems inappropriate. 
No events yet. You should host your own!