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Call for EOI to Participate in National Research on Challenges and Needs of Not for profits.

Griffith University is undertaking a country-specific, national research project to explore the challenges and needs of not for profit (NFP) organisations in Australia. Three surveys have been designed (1) community members; (2) business organisations; and (3) NPO organisations. Any community member, business and NFP organisation can respond to the survey. For further information or to participate in the survey(s), please forward an email to lindy.west@griffith.edu.au

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I am most concerned about the state of federal politics

Tony Abbott is dismantling principals and institutes that we all hold as important, and Bill Shorten is useless. I want to generate a groundswell of people to unseat both this candidates Few people like Tony Abbott few people like Bill shorten. We need some ethical ,articulate passionate Australians to stand as independents can you help me?

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Investing knowledge in innovation and adding value

At a time when we are seeing the manufacturing industry relocate off shore e.g. the Car industry, surely as a nation we need to get smarter and invest in science, research and development, to be at the cutting edge of innovation. We need to create new technologies and systems to cope with the challenges presented by climate change, the reshaping of the economy driven by globalisation, communication technology and international trade agreements. Why don't we have a science minister of standing and substance. As a nation we have often performed very well at creating innovative solutions to wicked problems. The knowledge economy can work with and for regional Australia if taken seriously by government at all levels. It is an investment opportunity waiting for leaders with vision and who form policy and make decisions based on sound information not whims. Knowledge, education and innovation is the basis of adding value to our quality of life, at the personal and community levels, along with the enhancing the economy and protecting the environment for the next generations. It is about stimulating and rewarding jobs. Russell

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Renewable energy good for economy, people & tackling climate change green house gas

Australia needs a vibrant renewable energy industry. Renewable energy would enable Australia to be part of the global knowledge economy, rather than locked into the old paradigm of "dig up resource and ship them out" for others to add value to. A vibrant renewable energy industry would also create Australian jobs. We have natural advantage in renewable energies that would help reduce the cost of energy to us all as and help reduce the reliance on energy sources which are green house gas emitters. Time for Australia to get serious about acting locally and creating a better environment for the global community. Investment in renewable energy is being hamstrung by government procrastination. It is time for positive action. Russell

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Work for the Dole (Let’s do it Properly!)

Work for the Dole (Let’s do it Properly!) The current proposal by the NLP federal government for “Work for the Dole” sees workers being paid LESS than the minimum hourly wage. This is grossly unfair and discriminatory. Work for the Dole should at least pay the minimum hourly wage. http://mywage.org.au/main/salary/minimum-wage If Australia is facing high unemployment in the near future then Work for the Dole could be extended and people on Newstart could be given the option to work up to 38 hours a week, at the minimum wage rate, on Work for the Dole projects. This would mean that Work for the Dole projects would need to be expanded but such an expansion could be of great benefit to the nation, and the unemployed people who are then able to earn enough money to live at a basic level (which the current Newstart Allowance does not), and give them the confidence boost that full time employment usually does. Training under the extended Work for the Dole could also be provided to participants but with the participant contributing to the cost of that training. This would prevent or minimise the ‘over-training’ as an excuse to get out of work. Participants in the extended Work for the Dole scheme would need to nominate their desired working hours ahead of time to enable job scheduling and efficient project management; i.e. the participant puts in a bid for the following month or fortnight nominating the hours each week they are prepared to work. Participants would receive superannuation, sick leave and annual leave entitlements if they are employed as full time employees. If they are employed as ‘casuals’ then their hourly rate is loaded by 24% to reflect the entitlements foregone as casual employees. Casuals would still receive superannuation though. As this extended scheme only pays the minimum wage, (16.87 A$/hour or $640.90 per week for workers 21 years old and older) some participants would be motivated to move on and find a better paid job. Some however would be more than happy to work full time and take home just over $600 a week.

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Call for Climate Action in Indi

The political will to address climate change and develop cleaner energy is sadly lacking, even though we know the impacts on Indi's water and alpine resources and the occurrence of extreme weather events will be the result. Wouldn't it be great to have a climate action and clean energy plan for Indi so that future generations can prosper and enjoy the environment as we do? I am interested to hear any ideas on how we can progress a climate and energy action plan together in Indi.

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Mobile Phone Blackspots in Indi need to be nominated

Hi everyone, Cathy is encouraging locals to nominate their blackspots in Indi through the Mobile Coverage Programme, or contact her office to register the information to be passed on to the programme. While the Government has not indicated when the nomination period will close, it will not be running permanently and is expected to cease soon. Cathy McGowan AO, Federal Member for Indi, is urging residents in Indi who experience mobile phone blackspots to nominate them with the Government’s Mobile Phone Coverage Programme. Cathy made a submission to the Mobile Phone Coverage Programme in February, and while these have closed, registration of mobile phone blackspots can still be done. It’s important that Government has extensive data on the blackspot problem to guide decision-making on allocating the $100 million that has been committed to improve phone coverage in parts of the country. This is the major issue in Indi and we need to ensure the Government has knowledge of all blackspots in the electorate. This is the best opportunity to make the Mobile Phone Coverage Programme fully informed of where the lack of coverage exists in Indi. Blackspots can be nominated at mobilecoverage@communications.gov.au or by phoning 1800 113 486. If you'd like to nominate a blackspot, phone Ms McGowan’s office on 03 5721 7077 or email cathy.mcgowan.mp@aph.gov.au.

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Trains in Indi

V-Line should report back to us on their progress fixing North East rail services.

We're yet to see any improvement to North East rail services. While we commend V Line and ARTC for their three public meetings and for establishing a Customer Reference Group, at the end of the day I think we'd all like to see some action please.  

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