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V4I Latest News

Thank you to all the approx 200 people who attended the launch of the Voice For Indi Report on Sunday 19th May. You made it a great event and we are off to a flying start with an enormous amount of very positive feedback since then. Welcome The purpose of this email is to bring everyone up to date with our plans and intentions for the next stage.  

Voice For Indi Report: The initial 150 Reports which were printed for the launch have been snapped up. At present more are being printed and will be available from Monday June 4th. Our intention is for all participants in the Kitchen Table Conversations to receive the V4i Report, plus, to distribute copies widely across Indi. We are looking for ideas on how these could be distributed to best effect.

The reports will be available from: our main Campaign Office at 210 Beechworth Rd. Wodonga and also the Wangaratta Office at 17 Ely St. We are also looking for distribution options in Benalla, Mansfield and other towns.

As you are aware, Cathy McGowan AO was announced as the V4i Independent Candidate and there has been significant interest and publicity since. Details of the candidate selection process are on the web under the “About” tab. Moving forward, Cathy will be undertaking her own campaign with support from many people who have put their hand up for V4i. However, it is important to understand, regardless of the outcome on September 14th, V4i will also undertake separate activity in the months (and years) ahead to promote a better standard of democracy and provide opportunities for people to be engaged and have their voices heard. This will include hosting debates between candidates during August in several locations across Indi and down the track we will organise a large Voice For Indi forum in Indi. Many people who registered early on the V4i website, did so prior to the candidate selection process. Although we hope you will support our marvelous candidate, we are not assuming anything, and if you prefer not to receive emails regarding Cathy McGowan's campaign, please advise by email.

Warm thanks to the many people who have offered support to Cathy for the campaign trail ahead. However, there is an enormous task confronting Cathy and those of you who have not yet been given the opportunity to volunteer in some capacity, the tap on the shoulder is occurring now. We will be requiring assistance from across Indi in a range of activities. These include, door knocking, distributing campaign information, hosting an event for the candidate, fundraising, providing office support (Wodonga), being active on twitter / facebook. To be most effective with all these activities across the towns and communities of Indi, we will establish local teams or hubs where ever possible. Assistance and training will be provided for all volunteers and we will do our best to ensure volunteers feel supported and are confident in their roles. We are viewing this as both a challenging and exciting time ahead that will provide opportunities to strengthen local connections and also have some fun at the same time. There may be other things that you are interested in doing that have not been mentioned; let us know ...

Tony Lane Convener V41 - Phone 0410 207 17

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A week after the launch

Hello everyone,

I am grateful for the very warm reception to the announcement about the V4i candidate.   After the excitement of the launch, the v4i team have spent this week at meeting and planning.  Our intention is to firm up plans and strategies in the next week or so.  We will then be in touch with our supports with practical ways you can can support us, volunteer, help with fund raising and getting the word out.

Final copies of the Voice For Indi report are at the printers and we will be distribution them all around the electorate from next week.  In the mean time, join us on facebook - we are keen to hear from you.




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KTC and reporting back

Over this weekend (April 27/28)  a group of us are meeting to make a summary of all the kitchen table conversations. We will have a document ready for distribution on Thursday May 2.

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May 2 - A virtual launch.

We have a change of plans!  instead of holding 4 individual briefings sessions of the summary of the kitchen table conversations, we will release it on the web on Thursday May2.  

Then working with interested people organise local events in communities.  I hope this doesn't cause you inconvenience.  We thought it would be better and more effective to have locally coordinated events -over the next weeks, giving lots of time for discussion.  Interested in hosting an event in your community?  Then please let us know and we will work with you.

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Update on kitchen table conversations

Hello everyone
Welcome to 'What's Cooking', where we will post regular updates on activities happening in the Voice for Indi 'kitchen'.
During February and March, we held eight briefing sessions in Wodonga, Wangaratta, Mansfield and Melbourne, with an estimated 184 participants. We've been really pleased by the response and interest, and encouraged by people's support for the values and ideas behind Voice for Indi.

Over Easter I participated in three kitchen table conversations, and I know that many more have happened in my neighbourhood. We have already received eight responses via post and email.  It's great to read through the responses and get a sense of what's important to the community.  If you're still holding onto your response, you can email it to us at voiceforindi@voiceforindi.com, or mail it to us at PO Box 851, Wangaratta Vic 3676

On Saturday 27 April we will host a workshop in Wangaratta to review and summarise the data from the conversations and draft up our first Voice for Indi Report.  If you are interested in being part of this working party, please get in touch.

We will launch the Voice for Indi Report with a series of community briefings on the evening of Thursday 2 May 2013, in Wodonga, Wangaratta, Benalla and Melbourne (5.30 - 7.30pm).  We are working on venues and will post them as soon as they are finalised.  We would love to share with you the results and tell you about the next step of the Voice for Indi journey.

See you there!

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