Frequently Asked Questions


Voice For Indi (V4I)

We answer these commonly asked questions to provide further context to V4I and to avoid confusion between V4I and other groups.

 What is V4I?

It is a grass-roots community movement providing opportunities for citizens of Indi to have their say and be heard through a People’s Charter.

 What is the main activity of V4I?

V4I will be promoting “kitchen table” conversations across Indi from February to April. The issues and concerns raised in these conversations will then be put together in a People’s Charter that will be made available to the media and all candidates seeking to represent the Indi Electorate. This charter will keep the focus on the issues of greatest importance to the people of the Indi Electorate in the campaign period.

Is V4I intending to support any particular candidate for the Indi Electorate in the next election?

In response to the “kitchen table” conversations, individuals may come forward who may decide to run as an independent candidate.  Voice for Indi will develop and publicise a transparent process to guide the selection and endorsement of any potential candidates it intends to support.

Is V4I part of a broader group or political party?


The initiative for V4I is  “home grown”  by people from  across the Indi Electorate and has not been fostered  by any other group or political party. The V4I committee has been meeting since July/August 2012 to develop a way forward that will assist all the voices in the Indi Electorate to be heard. 

Is V4I related to the recent publication "A Switch in Time"?  



"A Switch In Time" was published recently by the Victorian Women’s Trust.   V4I is aware of the publication and respects and values many of the themes outlined.   There is no formal connection between V4I and the VWT, however there is a shared view on the unacceptable quality of political discourse in recent times.


Is V4i related in any way to  "Citizen Initiated Referenda"? 


There is no connection between V4I and CIR.  CIR Australia is based on a Swiss model that is aimed at having more issues decided by referenda.

Is V4I connected with New Democracy ?   www.newdemocracy.com.au/

There is no connection between V4I and New Democracy, although some of the goals outlined on their website for an improved level of political debate and a stronger voice for the electorate are probably held in common.


Does V4I have anything in common with Facebook/Twitter comments that have been highly critical of the current Member for Indi?

There is no connection between V4I and these comments.  Sharply negative comments and personal attacks are contrary to the Values of V4I and the conversations we want to encourage across Indi.

Is Member for Indi aware of the plans for kitchen table conversations?  

In keeping with our values of being open and transparent, two members of the V4i committee met with the Member for Indi in December.  We advised her of the planned kitchen table conversations and that a report would be provided to
her and all other candidates in May 2013