Work for the Dole (Let’s do it Properly!)

Work for the Dole (Let’s do it Properly!) The current proposal by the NLP federal government for “Work for the Dole” sees workers being paid LESS than the minimum hourly wage. This is grossly unfair and discriminatory. Work for the Dole should at least pay the minimum hourly wage. If Australia is facing high unemployment in the near future then Work for the Dole could be extended and people on Newstart could be given the option to work up to 38 hours a week, at the minimum wage rate, on Work for the Dole projects. This would mean that Work for the Dole projects would need to be expanded but such an expansion could be of great benefit to the nation, and the unemployed people who are then able to earn enough money to live at a basic level (which the current Newstart Allowance does not), and give them the confidence boost that full time employment usually does. Training under the extended Work for the Dole could also be provided to participants but with the participant contributing to the cost of that training. This would prevent or minimise the ‘over-training’ as an excuse to get out of work. Participants in the extended Work for the Dole scheme would need to nominate their desired working hours ahead of time to enable job scheduling and efficient project management; i.e. the participant puts in a bid for the following month or fortnight nominating the hours each week they are prepared to work. Participants would receive superannuation, sick leave and annual leave entitlements if they are employed as full time employees. If they are employed as ‘casuals’ then their hourly rate is loaded by 24% to reflect the entitlements foregone as casual employees. Casuals would still receive superannuation though. As this extended scheme only pays the minimum wage, (16.87 A$/hour or $640.90 per week for workers 21 years old and older) some participants would be motivated to move on and find a better paid job. Some however would be more than happy to work full time and take home just over $600 a week.

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