Host a Budget Impact Kitchen Table Conversation

Be one of Voices for Indi's Kitchen Table Conversation Hosts this June!

Download the event kit here and return your data to us by the end of June.


The recent Federal budget has created a public and media storm with complex and widespread implications for all Australians. As the initial reaction subsides and details are being unpacked and analysed,  over the coming month V4I is initiating another series of Kitchen Table Conversations to engage the people of Indi in respectful discussion, constructive feedback and planned actions that highlight the impact of the budget on our local communities. 

To further the revitalizing of democracy in Indi, V4I is encouraging residents to invite people along to their Kitchen Table Conversation who may hold different views to them and for hosts to champion the notion of not only having discussion about issues, but also planning solutions and actions that may address them.

Please let us know if you intend to host a Kitchen Table Conversation by sending us a short email to

Feel free to spread the word to others you think may be interested. Any questions? Let us know.

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