Thank you to those who attended IndiShares on Saturday 14 June.  From this page you can download the materials we've referred to.

The eyes of the nation focused on the Indi electorate during the 2013 Federal election campaign as this previously safe seat saw a nine per cent against the national trend and elected an Independent candidate backed by the Voices for Indi community movement.

After the win, V4I was contacted by a number of community groups, NGOs, advocacy and activist groups, unions and election candidates of varied political affiliations who were keen to learn about the simple and effective process that gave voice to the people of Indi and created such extraordinary electoral change.

In response an IndiShares forum was held at the Oxley Hall on Saturday 14th June 2014.

Key members of the V4I team along with Cathy McGowan AO MP and her campaign team shared their stories and openly discussed aspects of building participatory democracy along with ideas about how to conduct an innovative and successful election campaign.

There were a number of themes discussed that day, here are links to the handouts and various documents and videos referenced:

  • The IndiShares event flyer is here 
  • Kitchen Table Conversations: the process for giving people voice

  • Creating political change by Susan Benedyka: 

  • Scrutineering and polling day tips from Tammy Atkins


Radio coverage

Alana Johnson was interviewed about IndiShares by Radio National Life Matters prior to the event (podcast here) and soon after the event (podcast here).