Upcoming events

Voices for Indi has two events coming up: #IndiShares and then #IndiTalks.

The audience for the first event - IndiShares - is people from outside our region who are keen to know what happened here during the 2013 Federal election.

Voices for Indi has been inundated with requests for information and asked to do presentations across the country. The committee thought it'd be easier to invite these people to attend a single function here in Indi where we'd spill the beans on the campaign and the organisation.  

Add IndiShares on 14 June to your diary. It's going to be a good event, please spread the word to any of your friends or contacts keen to understand how we, the people of Indi, made politics matter.  

IndiTalks is a precurser to IndiActs (which isn't an event at all - instead it's what we'll all be doing after IndiTalks so conserve your energy). We're still pulling this event together, it'll be mid-October and as it's firmed up we'll let you know further details.

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  • Michael Whelan
    commented 2014-05-15 20:53:29 +1000
    Hi I have booked the 14th – how do find out more? Well done by the way!
  • Helen Lemke
    commented 2014-04-30 15:50:30 +1000
    Yes, these events sound great! It’s time to spread the love. It’s in my diary!