December 12, 2013
Contact: Tammy Atkins

We're about people, not parties

Voice for Indi is not a political party;  rather it’s a process for political dialogue and community engagement.

The community engagement group, Voice for Indi, that supported the successful federal candidate Cathy McGowan are not actively looking at running candidates in the upcoming state election, despite reports to the contrary.

These reports came following a Voice for Indi meeting last weekend, where more than 100 people from across the electorate came together to discuss the future of the group.

President, Alana Johnson said reports that Voice for Indi would stand a candidate at the state election or take a stance on issues demonstrated that people are yet to understand the premise of Voice for Indi and the new way of doing politics

“Voice for Indi represents a new way of politics for the 21st century,” Ms Johnson said.

“Voice for Indi does not exist to do things for people, but to bring people together and empower them to take their own constructive actions.”

“It will take some time for the community, politicians and the media to understand that Voice for Indi will not be operating like the organizations or committees they are used to”

Rather than a political or lobby group, Voice for Indi is a actually a system of community engagement - a process for all the people of Indi to be involved in new conversations, to share ideas and listen to each other, to behave civilly regardless of political persuasion and to engage in political action with a common concern for the future good of our communities and our country.

Ms Johnson said that what marks the difference is that the Voice for Indi is a conduit for people to come together with different ideas, to form interest groups, to get informed, to come up with proposals and to act on them.

“All ideas are listened to, all views presented respectfully are heard, a diversity of people and views are valued and seen as strength for our future,”she said.

“This was the case at the Voice for Indi meeting recently in Benalla where many and varied ideas and proposals were put forth for discussion.”

Ms Johnson said that as long as people are willing to commit to the values of Voice for Indi they are welcome to participate.

One of the original aims of Voice for Indi was to have an electorate with a range of strong and competitive candidates and leadership with vision that truly represents and delivers for the people of Indi. Endorsing the independent campaign of Cathy McGowan was a means of providing this.

Written on 12th November 2013 by Alana Johnson, V4i President. Mobile:  0427 624 214