The Voice for Indi committee will advocate for an electorate that is democratically engaged, and representation that is gracious and supportive.  These are our aims:  
  1. Build an active 21st century democracy based on civic engagement, respect and ideas, for the electorate of Indi and beyond.
  2. Create an electorate with a range of strong and competitive candidates.
  3. Develop leadership with vision that truly represents and delivers for the people of Indi.

As a part of these aims we want:

  • To enrich political conversation in our electorate and beyond.  
  • The people of Indi to be recognised for their progressive and interesting ideas, and their ability to transform these ideas into action.
  • Indi to be recognised nationally for the way its citizens engage and for their enthusiasm for new ideas for building their communities.  
  • All members of our electorate to be involved in community decision making and want Indi to develop a system that enables this.
  • To become a case study for 'grass roots' community engagement.  
  • A respected federal candidate who improves public discourse across the electorate.


"A functioning, robust democracy requires a healthy educated, participatory followership, and an educated, morally grounded leadership (Chinua Achebe)".