The original V4I report is a good read. It's what started this whole show. 

In 2013 almost five hundred people participated in Kitchen Table Conversations across our region over a six week period. In sum, people held 55 conversations across 40 postcodes. Some met for coffee, others for a birthday lunch, after yoga, for dinner with a good wine (or two), at Jim’s, as social workers, at Women’s Health, at Ivy’s All Day Diner, the Provender, a Civic Centre, at Wangandary and Corryong, at the King River Café, at the dining table for Easter, at U3A, at the pub, camping in the Stanley forest, as senior student leaders, in staff rooms, as Indi expats, and some for the chocolate slice and good conversation. 

The key V4I report was launched to a grand cheer on May 19th 2013.  Over 200 people turned out to hear the master storyteller Cate Kennedy help unwrap the mysteries of democracy and to pick up their copy of the report.  The launch marked the successful completion of the Kitchen Table Conversation project and the announcement of another - Cathy McGowan's candidacy as an Independent Candidate at the 2013 Federal election.

Download the report that started it all here.

Upon reflection...

Reflection's important for continuous improvement. In late 2013 a forum was held in Benalla and one hundred supporters came along to reflect, reminisce and to reconnect.

Download the Reflections document here

Where to and next steps? 

What's V4I's next challenge and how do we go forward from here? The 2013 effort's going to be hard to beat!  Here's what supporters said they'd like to see.  

Download the Next Steps document here.