Get smart

As we enter an Aussie election year we see many things that should not be seen. New and old parties hang out there washing for all to see.These parties and what individuals make up their majority only display what they know as their personal truth and expound this belief on those who may be sympathetic to their narrow minded views.  Regretfully there are a lot of people out there who blindly follow their party no matter what might be expounded.  The real world and what could happen to it doesn't really matter.  The party knows best and independent thought/action should never be considered. Wake up Australia.  Our Country has been progressively diminished in its abilities over the last 40 years and not many people give a hoot.  We no longer manufacture.  Our food producing credentials have been decimated.  We are no longer the smart country and are not interested in the basics.  All we know now is how to dig holes. regretfully the biggest hole is the one we have fallen into with little chance of ever seeing the light of day until we actually come to an understanding that we should control our own destiny. Is there any one else out there with a like mind?  

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