Jobs: Thinking of how people can help with the campaign

Hi team

People are giving me ideas about 'what needs to be done'.  Two of them are;

Get some simple DL size flyers prepared and distribute them to businesses in the Indi region. 

Get a 'think tank' to work with Cathy on what are the topical issues and how to respond.

Is there a way V4i could develop a 'suggestion box' where we could collect these ideas??

Is there a way we could set up a list of tasks, and ask for people to help with them?

As a response to the above 2 suggestions, we could;

Find a graphic designer to work out the best message.

Develop a 'call to action' to recruit the readers of the flyers to;

  • turn up to a candidate forum
  • consider their vote for 14 September 

Ask for 'critical friends' to identify key topics, and research background material for V4I responses.


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