Response to Bill Tilley's comments on the front page of Saturday's Border Mail

March 13, 2013



Benambra MP Bill Tilley’s comment published on the front page of Saturday’s Border Mail (9/3)  that Voice  for Indi “looked a lot like Labour” is misguided. 

Voice for Indi is not party political. We are a group of local community leaders who feel the undercurrent of dissatisfaction about the way in which we are represented.

Around the country people are talking about the need for a real change; a change that genuinely reflects the voice of the people. Voice for Indi is hosting conversations across the region and promoting thinking about what we, as citizens, want and expect our electorate to look like in the future and how we could make a real difference on the national stage.

People across all political parties are involved in these conversations. 

We encourage anyone interested in Voice for Indi to contact us via our website and we thank those many people who have participated already. The support has been overwhelming and the ideas filtering though have been inspiring. 

Cathy McGowan AO

Convenor, on behalf of

Voice for Indi

P: 02 60 246834

M: 0418 326 960

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