Voices for Indi facilitates international discussion

Alana Johnson, President of Voices for Indi gave a recent presentation to Masters Students studying Leadership at the University of Melbourne. Students from six countries in our region were interested to explore the dimensions of what constitutes an active modern democracy, and leadership within a democracy.

Voices for Indi is seen as a lighthouse, showing what can be achieved when empowered and informed citizens join together from all walks of life, put aside their party political allegiance and take the initiative to act constructively for the common good. Belief and confidence that governments will remain respectful and principled and resist vested interests and media pressure to represent the will of the people who elect them appears to be at low ebb in many countries including Australia.

Strong, moral and truthful leadership that both commands and shows respect for all people is seen to be vital for future stability in our region, for the future of the natural environment and for future fairness and prosperity for all people. Inter-country dialogue and learning as is hosted at the University of Melbourne makes a vital contribution to building understanding and cooperation in our region.

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