Investing knowledge in innovation and adding value

At a time when we are seeing the manufacturing industry relocate off shore e.g. the Car industry, surely as a nation we need to get smarter and invest in science, research and development, to be at the cutting edge of innovation. We need to create new technologies and systems to cope with the challenges presented by climate change, the reshaping of the economy driven by globalisation, communication technology and international trade agreements. Why don't we have a science minister of standing and substance. As a nation we have often performed very well at creating innovative solutions to wicked problems. The knowledge economy can work with and for regional Australia if taken seriously by government at all levels. It is an investment opportunity waiting for leaders with vision and who form policy and make decisions based on sound information not whims. Knowledge, education and innovation is the basis of adding value to our quality of life, at the personal and community levels, along with the enhancing the economy and protecting the environment for the next generations. It is about stimulating and rewarding jobs. Russell

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