Will V4I be involved in the next election?


Voices for Indi exists to build an active 21st century democracy in Indi and will be involved in every election for the long term.

  • V4I will continue to focus on encouraging young people to enrol to vote. There are still many young people nationwide disconnected and disillusioned about politics and V4I seeks to build a democracy in which they want to engage.
  • V4I will continue to develop a lens to focus the impact of government policy on rural and regional communities. Again, in this second budget of the current Federal government, there is little evidence that the implications for rural and regional people have been taken into account. V4I believes that if the people in Indi and other rural and regional areas don’t hold this focus, no one is going to do it for us.
  • V4I will continue to be the voice of the people, critically important in this political era when business, vested interests and lobbyists have increasing influence on the major political parties. V4I is about the people not parties and about we the people, having the greatest influence.